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How it Works

Once you’ve created an RSET account and downloaded Merry MatterPak, prepping your sleigh is easy!

Step 1

Matterpak Attack Step One

If you want to download your own scans directly into Merry MatterPak, you must link your RSET and Matterport accounts together. Click here to access your RSET account, then click the “LINK MATTERPORT ACCOUNT” button.

NOTE: Purchasing a MatterPak via RSET will charge your Matterport account.

Step 2



Launch MerryMatterPak.exe. You’ll use the credentials you entered during the creation of your RSET account to sign in. Next, select the ‘Begin’ button, which will launch a menu of the MatterPaks from your Matterport account, as well as some free scans that we provide.

Step 3

Select a Matterpak

Load your scan

Select an item on the left-hand side of the browser. If you have not yet purchased the MatterPak, you may do so by selecting the ‘Buy’ button instead. This will open a popup that allows you to use the credit card saved on your Matterport account to purchase the MatterPak. If you have already purchased it, or are using one of our free festive scans, you may select the ‘Play’ button under the preview image.

Step 4

Deliver Presents!

Matterpak Attack Step Four

It’s Christmas Eve! You will be prompted to pick your spawn location using the spacebar. Collect the presents around the scan and deliver them to the Christmas tree before the clock strikes 12!

Download Sample Scans

Don’t have any MatterPaks available on your account? No worries! You can use one of our sample scans for FREE.
Download them directly in the MatterPak Browser within Merry MatterPak.